Lightshow, Canadian Parliament

If you’re staying in Ottawa over night, give the Sound and Light Show on Parliament Hill a try. If the weather is right, people will be outside walking the streets, the pedestrian zone, and Parliament Hill. There are two showings at 9 and 10pm, so it’s perfect for an evening stroll.

Just sit down and enjoy the show and listen to the stories about Canada’s history. It is really done quite nicely and narrated in both English and French.

If you plan on taking pictures, bring a tripod. Depending on the season, there should be plenty of room for setting it up without disturbing others. The constant change of projected images and colorful lights shone on the center block make for some interesting photography.

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~ by tripgalleries on February 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “Lightshow, Canadian Parliament”

  1. Stunning wish South Africa would do someting like that

  2. Amazing pictures TG. Canadian national pride at it’s most beautiful. The lightshow is great and the hot dog stand across the street is open until after the second show.

  3. No wonder, its a good value and Canada is not that cheap.
    Funny, at first I wondered why you didn’t clean the bright spots
    until I realized they were the same in both pictures and probably stars.

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