Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal

This Basilica is one of my favorite stops in Montreal. It is beautiful from the outside, especially against the blue sky or in the evening, when you can also enjoy a sound and light show.

But what I admire the most is the unusual and striking interior. The ceiling is covered with a beautiful deep blue color and sprinkled with golden stars. Everything else is an amazing combination of blue, silver, and gold tones. Intricate wood carvings and beautiful stained glass windows round out the composition.

Currently, you do have to pay an entrance fee if you want to visit the Basilica, but I think it is well worth it. You cannot use a tripod or flash inside the Basilica. A higher ISO and/or a camera or lens with image stabilization should do the trick, however.

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~ by tripgalleries on February 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal”

  1. Great capture. I love the couple in the foreground. Maybe they are contemplating their wedding plans.

    • Yeah, I did like the couple as well. That’s why I made them such a “prominent” part of the image. While everyone else was running around, they were the only ones sitting down.

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